Consolidated Music opened its doors in 1974 with one drum set and 10 guitars on the wall. Most of our customers wanted to be the next Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton. In the 80's, we catered to synth players and shredders. We survived the throb of disco. The 90's challenged us with Grunge bands and the unplugged phenomenon. The year 2000 brought us alternative and American Idol hopefuls. Through it all, we have enjoyed every single day.People want to make music and we are committed to helping them to do so by offering great products, lessons and rentals. Our excellent staff will guide you through all musical challenges. If your instrument breaks, we will repair it. If you need help with a song, we will show you how to play it. Every day we provide the voice of experience when it comes to buying the best instrument at the right price. Come see us soon. We cater to Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials.

We've been in Barrington long enough to teach into families' third generations.

Let's make music together.