DK Guitars: Serial #1

For those who don't know, 2016 is the the 42nd anniversary of CM as well as Jeff's 20th anniversary of owning the store ( He started managing the store in 1976.) As a tribute to the greatest local music shop ever and to the man behind it, I decided to make my first original guitar a gift to Jeff. 

This was my first official guitar build. There was a lot to learn but the journey was fun and very rewarding. 

First step was rough cutting the body blank and then using the templates I made to clean up the edges.


Routing the chambers.

Routing out the channels for wiring.

Book matching the top, gluing the spruce top to the body and routing the pick up cavities.

I salvaged the neck wood from a previous project I scraped. It involved removing the original fretboard. Also, you can see the headstock in its rough state prior to doing the scoop on the oscillating spindle sander.

Cutting the binding channels then bending the herringbone purling. The "Gibson" colored plastic binding goes over that.

The headstock is closer to being finalized. I fret the neck before carving since it is nice and flat at this point. I forgot to take photos while carving ( I was having too much fun ) but essentially it is done by hand with a rasp, files, and progressively finer sand paper.

I decided to do a cut away heel. 

The bridge is made of figured walnut as is the little string insert block and pick up ring.

I later shielded the cavities.

The finishing process was fun! I use Stew Mac's water base wood filler and a high gloss poly-acrylic water base finish. The tricky part were the decals as they kept ripping and I had to redo them several times.

Jeff with the guitar!