Christmas Gift Ideas

Don’t have an idea for the musician in your life? Maybe you already got your guitar playing dad or mom three straps, five slides and 17 capos over the years! Stop in and check out our selection of cool new and used instruments and musical accessories that any musician, music student or aspiring rock star will love!

Check out this bite sized NUX NDL-2 Loop Pedal!

Check out this bite sized NUX NDL-2 Loop Pedal!

NuX NDL-2 Drum and Loop Pedal

Any creative player will appreciate this little guy. Think of it as your own little back up band in a tiny little package!

The NDL-2 Drum and Loop pedal is a very useful mini looping pedal with a built in drum machine. Best of all it is very easy to use and does not require a lot of technical know how to get up and running creating layered loops and backing tracks to jam along to.

Best of all…….it is only $89.99

What if the guitar player in your life longs to loop but only plays acoustic? Check out the NuX Stageman AC-50 acoustic guitar amp with built in looper and drum machine here!

NuX Mighty Lite BT

This feature packed mini amp is not your average battery powered pocket amp! It is a great sounding little practice amp with built in effects which can be manipulated via a smartphone app. It also features a drum machine to jam along to and is a full blown blue tooth wireless speaker too.

This is a perfect gift for dad if he’s one of those players that keeps a guitar under his desk at the office or if you have a sibling off at college with limited dorm space!

All that and more for only $99.99!

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This little NuX Mighty Lite BT’s features punch far above its weight class!

This little NuX Mighty Lite BT’s features punch far above its weight class!

NuX Loop Core

NuX Loop Core Deluxe Bundle

If your musician is ready for the stage as a soloist or maybe needs a little something to spark his or her creativity, then the Loop Core Deluxe Bundle is a perfect stocking stuffer for them!

This full featured loop pedal features high quality 24 bit recording quality, true bypass, premium drum machine, and large storage capacity making it a powerful loop pedal perfect for the practicing or performing musician. The included dual foot switch allows for streamlined control over saved loops for a seamless stage performance! All that for only $149.99

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