Common Music Learning Questions and Answers
At what age should my child start taking music lessons? 
Children as young as 6 or 7 can begin on piano. We recommend guitar students start at 7 or 8. Guitar is physically more difficult and requires stronger hands and greater motor skills. Drum students can begin at age 8. Woodwind students typically begin around age 9. Violin students can begin at 7 years of age. Every child is different. We seek to make music lessons a positive experience. 
Do you rent instruments? Is it cheaper to rent an instrument? 
We rent guitars, both electric and acoustic, to our students, starting at $25 per month. We also rent band instruments for school programs or private instruction, starting at $32 per month. Instruments may be purchased at discount prices for students. Rental payments may be credited toward the purchase of an instrument. 
How do I choose the best music teacher for my child? 
All of our teachers are highly qualified. We will match students and teachers according to personality, age, musical style, and availabilty. Consult our staff page to see who is currently teaching with us. 
How many lessons should my child take? 
For a minimum level of competency, 1-2 months of instruction are appropriate. After 4-8 lessons, a student should be able to gauge interest in pursuing further instruction. We teach students of all levels, and some have studied with us for more than five years.
What is the schedule for music lessons? Can I sign up every other week? 
It is recommended that students take weekly lessons. Students who come every other week tend to learn at a much slower pace. Call us for available lesson times. 
How much should I practice my instrument daily? 
Age is a variable. In general, beginners should aim for 20 minutes daily. As skill level and interest increases, more practice will accelerate learning. 
Will my fingers always hurt while learning guitar? 
Some discomfort is common among beginning players. As the fingers strengthen and develop calluses, this will ease. If pain persists, the instrument may need adjustment. Bring it in and we will make sure it is properly adjusted.