Student Guitar Rentals

Consolidated Music of Barrington Inc, offers rental acoustic and electric guitars to students currently taking lessons in our store. 

Why rent?

We know that it is hard to gauge sometimes whether a young student will "stick with it" or whether it will end up being just another phase. Either way, it is important to let them experience music education. Rentals offer a way to get a suitable, quality instrument to learn on without a large investment up front. Also, if a student quits ( we do our absolute best to turn everyone into a great guitar player but sometimes it does happen that a youngster quits) you can bring the guitar back.

How does it work?

When you sign up for lessons at CM, you become eligible to rent a guitar. The rental fee is $25 per month for an acoustic and $45 for an electric with an amp. You can apply the first 3 months rent to purchasing the guitar that you are currently renting. This credit is applied to the list price of the instrument and the balance is discounted an additional 25%.

We make sure the instrument you are renting is optimal in size and scale length for the student in question. The instruments we rent are name brand guitars from Ibanez and typically have a list price of up to $299.99.