2018 Guitar Repair Pricing

Pricing does not include parts. All final pricing is done by estimate. FREE ESTIMATES EVERY DAY! 

Instrument repair is a case by case basis. Not all repairs are the same. The below prices are a general guide and may not be exactly the same for each repair.


Basic Restring: Basic Electric guitar, bass or 6 string acoustic


Basic Restring: Classical, Mandolin, 12 string


Basic Restring: Floyd rose, Khaler, Ibanez Edge


Deluxe Restring: includes fret cleanup and truss rod adjustment

Add $8.50 to above pricing

Neck Adjust Only: $5-12

Intonate Only (Electric guitars): $10-$20

Full Set Ups and Fretwork:

Full Set Up: (standard electric guitar, bass, acoustic)


Locking Trems: add $10-15

12 String: add $10

Fret Poke Trim and Round over: $25-35

Fret Level and Dress including Full Set Up: $99-110

Refrets: $225-$350

Electronics Diagnostics: $15 bench fee (credited back if repair is done)

Nuts and Saddles:

Nut Replacement: $20-60

(depending on if preformed plastic/tusq/etc nut or custom cut bone)

Acoustic Saddle Replacement: $20-60

(depending on if preformed plastic/tusq saddle or custom cut bone)

(Nut and saddle replacement usually requires a partial set up or full set up. Set up is discounted with nut or saddle replacement; add $20-35)

Electronic Repairs and Component Replacement:

Basic electric jack: $10

Basic Potentiometer or Switch Swap: $20 and up

Pick up swap: $35 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd discounted

Semi Hollow guitars and Hollow body guitars by estimate

Acoustic pickup installs: $50 and up

Structural Repairs:

By Estimate Only

Acoustic Bridge Repairs


Bracing Repair

FREE Estimates daily. Prices do not include strings, materials, or components.

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