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Consolidated Music is one of the areas best Seagull and La Patrie dealers with a great selection, product expertise, and competitive pricing. We have sold Seagull guitars for over 25 years. Over those years the guitars have only gotten better in look, play-ability, tone, and consistency. From the award winning S6 Original to stunning Artist series instruments, Seagull guitar's features ensure a quality guitar that will last a life time.

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Seagull Artist Series Mosaic Guitar

This amazing guitar represents the finest and highest quality guitars Seagull manufactures. The Artist series differs from the rest of the Seagull line in that they are crafted by a select group of Seagull's best luthiers from hand selected premium tone woods. Even with that, they are still a tremendous value when compared to guitars of similar features and quality by other larger manufacturers.We find the Artist Mosaic to be sweet and somewhat mellow in nature, certainly due to the solid cedar top, which typically produces warmer tones than a more traditional spruce top. That being said, it is bright enough to retain definition and separation of notes when playing up the register.

The Artist Mosaic features Seagull's bookmatched, compound curve, solid cedar top, solid mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, Compensated Tusq saddle, double action truss rod, and semi gloss custom polished finish.

Seagull Excursion Walnut Mini Jumbo

The Excursion Series is really a marvel when you take into consideration the material and build quality of the instruments in relation to how affordable they are. Seagull really outdid themselves with this series, bringing features like a solid spruce top, Canadian build quality, and a genuine lacquer finish to a guitar under $400. 

These guitars feature a solid spruce top, 3 layer hardwood walnut back and sides, stable silver leaf maple neck with rosewood fret board, double action truss rod, compensated Tusq saddle, burn stamped rosette, and lacquer finish. This guitar is available also with a Fishman Isys+ electronics.

Seagull Maritime Solid Wood Series

The Maritime SWS series brings all solid wood construction to a new and lower price point than ever before. Solid wood construction, as opposed to laminate or plywood construction, offers a richer toned, better projecting and overall, more responsive instrument. This is a direct result of the ability of the wood to carry vibration better and more consistently. At Consolidated Music, we love the SWS series because it gets a very high quality guitar into the hands of players who otherwise could not get into such an instrument.

The Maritime SWS Concert Hall SG is a new model and body shape for Seagull. Reminiscent of a classic 000 shape, the Concert Hall is a comfortable shape for most body types. Tone-wise, the guitar is very balanced, with that spruce top really shining in the middle to upper part of the register. This is the perfect finger style guitar.

This guitar features a select pressure tested solid spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck with rosewood fret board, double action truss rod, and semi-gloss custom polished finish.

Seagull Maritime SWS Dreadnought

If the Maritime SWS Concert Hall is a finger picker dream, then the Maritime SWS Dreadnought is a strummer's delight! Sharing many of the same features as its smaller cousin, the dreadnought shape provides a slightly beefier low end, most notable when strumming big open chords and accompanying vocals. We think any guitar player would be delighted by the sweet nature and versatility of this guitar.

This guitar features a select pressure tested solid spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck with rosewood fret board, double action truss rod, and semi-gloss custom polished finish.

Before the Excursion line was around, the Entourage series was Seagull's entry level guitar. The only thing entry level about these guitars is the price because each one comes through our store better than the last, staying true to Seagull's commitment to quality and consistency. They have all the great features that all the other series have. We highly recommend trying one out before your next guitar purchase, even if you planned on spending more.

Seagull S6 Concert Hall

The Seagull Original S6 Concert Hall combines Seagull's tried and true, award winning combination of a solid cedar top and wild cherry back and sides with their latest body shape. 

The S6 Concert Hall features a solid cedar top, natural laminate hardwood cherry back and sides, silver leaf maple neck with rosewood fret board and genuine custom polish lacquer finish.

Seagull Coastline S6 Cedar Folk Q1

List $649 Sale Price $529

The Coastline S6 Cedar Folk has been a long time favorite around our store. For one, it fits almost every player due to its smaller "classical" shape and size. The Cedar top produces nice mellow tones, however, the unique to Seagull wild cherry back and sides add a little bit of a brighter top end. Also, it is somewhat unusual that there is no cut away, as most pick up equipped acoustics nowadays have a cut away. We like this as it is something a little different, but also retains a very classy look along with the versatility premium electronics provide.

The Coastline S6 Cedar Folk features a Solid cedar top, laminate hardwood cherry back and sides in a rich stain, silver leaf maple neck with rosewood fretboard, and Q1 electronics.

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