Consolidated Music of Barrington P.A Rental

Have a gig or party coming up? We have the sound reinforcement solution for you. We rent small to medium sized P.A systems ideal for bands, vocal groups, announcements at events, and much more. Just give us a call before  your event and we can help figure out your needs and reserve a system. 

Powered Speaker rentals starting at $39

P.A systems from only $75

Call for rates and availability 


Mini System

Include: Peavey Powered 12" speaker with stand, Shure SM58 with stand 

Includes:EV powered 12" speaker  with stand, Shure SM58 with stand 

Small System

Include: 8 channel 2 X 300 watt powered head, 2-12" passive speakers, Shure SM58, all necessary stands and cables

Medium System

Includes: 8 channel 2 X 600 watt powered head, 2-12" or 15" passive speakers, Shure SM58, all necessary stands and cables

Large System

Includes: 2-1000W 12" active EV speakers, 8 channel 2X 300 watt powered head, 2-10" monitors, Shure mics, all necessary stands and cables


Shure SM58

Shure SM58 Wireless

Shure Beta 87 Wireless