Want to play in a band but don't know how? Our Rockstar 101 program brings young guitarists, bassists, singers, and drummers together to form bands grouped by age and experience. Instructor Mario Licciardi helps kids ages 10-16 learn and perform in an authentic rock band setting.

Rockstar101 is an exciting opportunity for aspiring musicians of all levels. The course teaches important skills in music arranging, orchestration, and performance. Students will understand the role of each instrument while learning teamwork and band dynamics. The program utilizes peer input and expert direction to help build students' performance skills. 

Students are placed in bands by skill level. An experienced instructor guides students through 1.5 hour rehearsals. Bands practice at our store Consolidated Music and perform  at a pro local venue.

Tuition is $350 per student.

Rockstar 101 takes students on a journey from the practice room to the stage.

Experience the fun of performing.

Develop the skills for a lifetime of musical growth.


Summer Session 2018

June 11th through June 22nd- Concert Date: Sunday June 24th

Monday through Friday from 1:30-3pm @ Consolidated Music of Barrington Inc

View a segment of our last concert!

Thank you to all the students and parents who participated in our Rockstar 101 Session I concert on Sunday!

More Videos available on our Youtube channel!