Order a Seagull at Consolidated Music

The guaranteed best price on a new Seagull,

professionally inspected and set up.


You can order a Seagull at Consolidated Music anytime during our regular business hours either by phone or in person. We ask for a 15% deposit on most models and 20% on a select few. Most models are in stock at the factory and usually arrive within 7-10 days. 

Feel free to drop by and check out our selection of Seagull guitars in our Barrington store to get a feel for the different wood combinations and neck/body shapes. 

When the guitar arrives, it is signed for by either the owner or manager. The box is thoroughly inspected and allowed to acclimate to the temperature/humidity in our store. The guitar is then unpacked and inspected. Over the 20 plus years we've sold Seagull, 99% arrive safely with a good middle of the road setup. We then give you a call. 

Aren't sure about the guitars play-ability?

Every Special Order Seagull includes a free set up and restring good for 90 days after purchase. That allows you to tweak the guitar to your liking, as well as readjust everything once the guitar is acclimated to your home/rehearsal space.

Order with a case and save!

Add a Seagull gig bag or TKL for 1/2 off list price when ordered along with a guitar or for one that we have in stock.